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The Catholic Education Office is charged with the responsibility to:
Establish, manage and maintain Catholic Schools
Maintain high moral, religious and academic standards
Advocate for educational policies and programmes consistent with religious principles
Support teachers and help them improve on education delivery in Catholic schools


The office focuses on providing quality education by ensuring collective involvement of all stakeholders, especially the Church and parents in education delivery. To this end, local churches are encouraged to sponsor teacher trainees for schools in their parish. It is envisaged that
By 2009, teacher vacancies in our schools will be reduced by two-thirds
By 2011, all our schools will be headed by Diploma and Degree Holders


The major objectives of the office towards the achievement of the stated vision above include the following:
Recruit and train at least 100 teachers every year to fill vacancies
Visit all schools in eight Districts every school term
Run regular in-service training and courses for all untrained teachers in our schools
Regularly meet Local Managers to encourage them to take up supervisory roles in our schools
Organize performance monitoring tests for schools in at least four Districts every academic year
Visit Catholic Students in universities and colleges to encourage them to take up appointments in Catholic schools
Appoint experienced, knowledgeable, role model coordinators for all parishes each year to help supervise our schools.

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